The unveiling, last November, of the WWI centenary window which John designed for Pershore Cemetery Chapel was a great occasion with the Bishop of Worcester officiating.

The Mayor of Pershore wrote, then read this poem on the day, describing the detail and significance of the window’s design.

Pershore Cemetery Chapel
The War Memorial Windows

Two windows picture days gone by
When clouds of war filled England’s sky
Brave men who left to fight a war
Many to be seen no more

Families left at home to cope
With daily life and cling to hope
Each day showing grave concern
Hoping peace would soon return.

After many years news came at last
Peace is restored the war has passed
The clouds of war have gone away
And now we see our present day

The centre window shows it all
With Pershore Abbey standing tall
The river flowing swiftly by
Green fields and birds that fill the sky

Fruit trees ripening in the sun
Bearing, of course, the Pershore plum
Tractors ploughing furrows true
Wild flowers in the morning dew

The yellow haze of ripening corn
The wetlands where new life is born
Lush grass and woodland all around
Where all you hear is natures sound

The dove of peace flies overhead
With sun rays streaming down
Rays that light our daily life
Rays that light our town

From those before us blood was spilled
Be grateful now our lives are filled
With all the joys of daily life
Free from all the former strife

And there beneath these colours clear
We give our heartfelt thanks, sincere
To people we have never met
Three simple words ‘Lest we forget’.

Chris Parsons
Mayor of Pershore
November 2018

Large-scale paintings

His feeling that the scale of the Arabian landscapes merits large-scale paintings, now sees John working anything up to 183 cm x 84 cm in size.

In watercolours, this is quite a technical challenge, but it’s a challenge he thoroughly enjoys. Giving the opportunity to convey the scale of the Hajar Mountains in the UAE and Oman, the ever-changing weather patterns make for impressive paintings with truly atmospheric effects.

Following on from this, John has recently been working large-scale on home ground too. Familiar local views of the Severn Valley and Malvern Hills lend themselves well to this treatment – and we know the weather effects are frequently changeable! Watch this space.